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2016/6/13 13:38:05

Second days to learn to identify the gold shop (perfume bar)

Yesterday when I released [8 days of perfume, successful business guide], after the first day looking for gold the shop, I want added several new friends. They want me today to be able to say: what is the gold shop?
I think this is a very good discussion topic, that our friends began to care about this topic, and asked the core of the problem. I can say is, in fact, suitable for selling their products shop location, it can be called: gold shop. So let’s talk about it, so that the first time to enter the perfume bar industry friends can have some understanding.
I read my first article in Hebei, Mr. Wu, online asked me a question?
Perfume bar counters the location of choice: what is more appropriate to choose their location? What are the people who consume the perfume bar?
The friend asked a good, I think the question is very fine, then I just put it on the above to analyze the specific situation with you:
Divided into the following three points (there is an old saying: already know this, in order to Yum):
First, to understand the main customers of the gas station, the crowd is what?
1, from the gender distinction: the main customer groups for women, aged between 18-35 years of the majority
2, from the income and living standards to distinguish: is mainly medium and the following of the females (here hierarchical no other meaning, mainly is to let everyone know me); life and income are in upper female consumers, gas station perfume rarely.
3, from the life and work habits to distinguish: like to dress up, work and live in the outside, work place needs (entertainment, mostly), etc.
4, from the consumption habits of distinction: nothing like shopping Fire Contingent entertainment, like Amoy cheap and genuine good products (such as: Taobao family); upper class women consumer spending habits is spend money to enjoy luxury products.
Two, from the initial operating costs and the flow of people to analyze:
1, the first time to do business is not the case, the best choice in the shopping malls of the import and export department or other people with high traffic street, from 3 aspects:
(1) the people in the mall are usually more traffic than the store’s people (at least for the initial guarantee);
(2) the perfume bar decoration is simple, only need to do a good job of perfume bar can, do not need other decoration;
(3) the cost reduction (two: 1, the opening of new stores, new stores promotional cost; 2 renovation costs. These things in the mall to do the words are saved
2, in the mall to find the counter can also talk with others flat-share counter.
You flow in shopping malls were looking for a seat, you can look at the business of the cabinet is not too good and empty of comparison; and with the perfume is associated, then you can to take the initiative to communicate with each other (to do business, do not be afraid to reject the other party), if so the fact whether successfully see yourself.
Three, if you already have a ready-made shop:
Can be directly vacated several square metres in size on perfume bar, if there is no empty ground can also directly to the perfume pump head installed in the store on the wall, on the wall of the glass installation of the best. This is a large space, and girls to buy perfume still won’t miss the mirror to take care of yourself oh, kill two birds with one stone.
Such as: cosmetics shops, jewelry stores, Manicure shop, beauty shop etc.

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