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First days to find the gold shop

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Friend, are you ready? If you want to run the perfume bar gas station, but do not know how to start?
I’m going to take you into the perfume industry.
That shop open or want to shop friends (both online and physical stores), must be very clear, inn location selection where some very important (here say first store).
Someone once said, want to shop if you don’t know where, in the McDonald’s next to, because there are always crowds of people and money flows together. McDonald’s store development of faith: we want to set up the right store in the right place and right area, and at the right time in the right way to succeed. In China, the golden arches of McDonald’s fast food no matter where, seem to have been surging crowds, customers door, it around the mall and peddler has also benefited from it, and even the formation of a McDonald’s "values", thus driving the rise of the surrounding land. McDonald’s is the choice of shops, is also regarded as a catering shop guide. As a result, many people believe that McDonald’s has a magical charm to create prosperity.
So, McDonald’s is how to choose the location, into the community, and to determine the future business development?
Here I briefly explain: McDonald’s location is mainly divided into the following steps:
First, market survey and data collection. Including population, economic level, consumption ability, development scale and potential, income level, and the level and development opportunities of the previous study circle and growth space.
Secondly, the different values of the property assessment.
Finally, shops investment is a existing risk, also can bring higher returns the decision, so also more attention to the market orientation and the price level, taking into account both the level of return on investment, but also pay attention to the long-term stable income, so as to better control risk, achieve the purpose of investment income.
I believe that there will be a friend to ask: to operate a perfume it also needs to consider so many aspects of the problem? That’s not a problem! There is a saying: small but complete. Although the scale of the investment can not be compared with Madange, but they have one thing in common: to find a good position to continue to make money. But we do not have to worry about, through our several years on the perfume bar dealer survey, understanding, summed up the successful experience, in this share to you, we want to help.
Summed up only one point: into trust mart, Wal Mart, Carrefour, RT mart, easy early Lotus, Auchan, Metro, China Resources Vanguard, everybody, more than large supermarket stores, the location of the election in the outlet and inlet. This position into the flow of people shopping malls high, as long as there is in shopping malls will see.
The above positions are not, also optional: department store counters, large supermarkets, cosmetics stores, skin care beauty salons, star hotel market, home goods store, women’s clothing and accessories, lingerie shops, jewelry shops and other fashion accessories sales.
If itself has more than gold shop friends, it can be vacated a few square metres in size directly shelves perfume bar equipment business.
If you are interested in the content, we will continue to explore the future of the more in-depth questions about the success of the business?

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