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Corporate Culture

Our culture: basic survival, non-standard, code of conduct, organizational banner, dynamic development of the soul.
Core values: shareholders, customers, employees, social interests and achieve a win-win total of good and harmonious development.
Specific requirements and values ​​embodied:
Shareholders: Freemasons win, the return value.
Customer: honest and trustworthy, service-oriented.
Staff: two-way loyalty, and grow together.
Social: to serve the public, social return.
Peer: civilized competition, but different.
Company: inner and outer smooth, create brilliant.
Enterprise mission: to provide high-tech green energy products and services for the community.
Core competence: efforts to establish core competencies in six areas of business development, customer service, management mechanism, high technology, the use of funds and human resources.
Strategy: market-oriented, efficiency first, management practices, sound management. ?
The spirit of enterprise: arduous pioneering spirit, the spirit of the Code dedication, loyalty dedication, integrity Founding spirit, the spirit of unity, cooperation, learning and innovation spirit.
Corporate style: strong, harmonious, pragmatism, unity.
Robust is to ask the company in all aspects of normal and healthy and sustainable. Harmony is harmony between people, inside and outside the harmony, the harmony and harmony, process and results under the recent and long-term harmony. Harmony is a tacit understanding, a state, a force, an excellent method A performance. Pragmatic is realistic, pragmatic style, modest and hardworking. Speak the truth in their work, the real, do practical work, seek practical results. Unity is the company from top to bottom with the latest model of cooperation and equity system, so that all work together to achieve a common goal, to make progress and create greater glories.
Harmonious, uplifting, love Secretary dedication, loyalty and dedication, honest and trustworthy, sound operation and solidarity, the pursuit of excellence.
Management System:
Corporate governance structure - Equity Ownership Structure
The company decision-making system - strategic management
Human resources systems - Credit Management
Management philosophy to rally the team harmony, integrity and pragmatic customer service.
Customer-oriented, winning service. Business-centric, market-oriented.
With operating efficiency, to be effective management. Fast and effective development and robust law-abiding business.
Marketing culture: the company and the employees are cooperative relationship between business interests and win-win business, mutually beneficial relationship.
Treat peers, humble, studious, absorbing, personality, and brand building.

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